os of U.S. soldiers murdering innocent Afghan civilians were published by the Rolling Stone magazine. The magazine released a series of gory images and videos depicting dead Afgha.

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ttlement expansion in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Chairman Abbas insists that the talks shall not resume until the Israeli government totally freezes the Jewish settlement c.

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start the reconstruction process was detected. "A priority is to collect the debris of the earthquake and organize camping areas. Preval's idea of making small camps for no tumult .

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ntina and Britain to prevent "an escalation" of tensions over the disputed islets and to "resolve differences peacefully and through dialogue." "The secretary-general expressed con.

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particular error," he said. Vega said the SFP is also learning lessons from international experience by imposing sanctions on those convicted of graft, sending a signal that corr.

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e town of Mira, which was attended by thousands, Correa called on followers to support his "people's revolution." "In all corners of the country, you can see the works. Many good .

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ation of Dream Act to give legal status to undocumented students in the United States has died in the U.S. Congress, but the battle continues on the state level. California is amon.

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0 a.m. local time, CNN quoted police Chief William McManus as saying. The second victim, a female in late 60s, was found dead inside her car around 6:45 p.m. local time. According.

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nt system to ensure people are safe from undue pharmaceutical harm. Pharmaceuticals can offer significant health benefits to patients, but there are also many risks associated with.

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